Mitch Ogaard

Software Developer
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Senior Developer

September, 2018–Present1+ yr

I'm part of a team of developers working to improve and modernize our SaaS product for supply chain management in hospitals and operating rooms. Additionally, we're responsible for supporting & maintaining our aging Java code base. Our modernization revolves around moving the platform to .NET Core, utilizing PaaS and IaaS offerings from Amazon and other providers to speed up development, and moving from synchronous processing to asynchronous processing for long-running or deferrable operations.

.NET CoreAWS EC2AWS ECSAWS KinesisAWS LambdaAWS RDSAWS RedshiftC#CQRSDockerGitLabMySQLNUnitJavaTerraform

Senior Software Developer

February, 2014–September, 20184 yr + 8 mo

I was part of a development department that worked to build a SaaS replacement for our aging WinForms application. Our goal was to develop a set of REST-based microservices using .NET Core, and a handful of other modern technologies. Consuming the microservices is our browser-based platform built with ASP.NET MVC, Twitter Bootstrap, and the AngularJS framework.

I was responsible for helping to mentor junior developers on the team as well as helping to guide the direction of our platform with respect to our browser-side technologies. As part of that responsibility, I helped to implement better documentation, code samples, best practices, standards, and procedures in order to help new external and internal hires get acclimated to the code base, get an idea of the type of architecture we're working with, and see what we were trying to achieve in the long term.

.NET.NET CoreAngularJSAWS KinesisAWS LambdaBootstrapC#DynamoDBJasmineMS SQL ServerNUnitPerforceRESTWindows Server

Web Developer

April, 2011–February, 20143 yr

I was part of a team of 4 developers working on developing a new scholarship management software backed by PHP and Microsoft SQL Server. On top of PHP, we used Symfony to provide an MVC framework, groundwork services, and guidelines for development. Additionally, we used the Doctrine tool set for providing database abstraction and migrations. On the browser side we utilized a handful of 3rd party libraries, including jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. In addition to working on the aforementioned system, we updated an existing code base that runs the online scholarship applications. The code base utilized a legacy PHP back end, the Smarty template engine, and was backed by MySQL. As part of the updates, we increased scalability, modernized the browser and server side components of the sites, and added support for mobile devices.

DoctrineMS SQL ServerMySQLPHPPythonRESTSilexSmartySymfonyTwigUbuntu Linux

Research Technology Specialist

April, 2008–March, 20113 yr

I learned and worked with an industry-focused language and tool set, CfMC, to create web surveys for market research and loyalty programs and to create data tables for reporting collected data. I utilized prior knowledge in shell scripting and task scheduling to automate routine tasks. Additionally, I was selected to be a part of a small group of subject matter experts on a more advanced reporting tool called E-Tabs for automated charting and reporting of crosstab data.